Drop a dress size or more, and ditch the diet for good!


Weight loss without the fuss - On my Simple Slimming Solution programme we work through my 5 key steps to achieving simple long term weight loss.

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Weight loss without the fuss

If you want to get fit, feel fantastic and have bags of energy, come and join the Simple Slimming Solution Community.

Blast stubborn fat
Blast stubborn body fat for a slimmer and leaner body and get back into those jeans & feel great wearing them.
Train smart
Train effectively, save time and wasted energy. Get the results you want, in the time that you have.
Healthy food plans and recipes
Done for you (non diet) healthy food plans and recipes. Measuring success tracking tools to keep you on track to dropping your dress size.

Overview of the solution

On my Simple Slimming Solution programme we work through my key steps to achieving long term weight loss.

Step One


Weight loss is about much more than just the numbers. On the SSS programme we first address your own mindset This is absolutely key to your success but something that most people do not even consider as part of the weight loss process.

Step Two


Food matters, diets don’t! On the SSS programme we focus on the effect the foods we eat have on our bodies, not how many calories they contain. Balancing blood sugar and hormone levels is vital for long term weight loss.

Step Three


Don’t waste valuable time on exercise that will not get you the results that you want. Research shows that 30 minutes of exercise at the right intensity will burn more body fat than a steady plod around the block.

Step Four


Simplicity is the key, life is complicated enough. All the menu planners & recipes contained in the programme have been tried and tested on myself and my own family as well as many of my clients.

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The Testimonials

A few comments from some of my clients.


Very Effective. I feel much more alive, nimble and able to enjoy life.


Amazing! - Working with Marie has been fabulous because she is so motivated, encouraging and supportive with all of the healthy eating plans, menus and exercise regimes.

Caroline Sinclair

Great Program. The simple slimming solution food plan was easy to follow, and best of all I could put back some foods I have previously banned!


Life Changing. I am able to fit into clothes that I hadn’t worn in a while and treated myself to some new ones, it’s great! I now feel more confident and positive.

About The Author

Hi my name is Marie and I’ve been helping ladies with their health and fitness for over 20 years. 

I started my career within the fitness industry instructing aerobics classes I gained a wealth of experience working in gyms and health clubs before qualifying as a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach.

I also made a decision to learn and discover all that I could about what gets in the way of successful weight loss and the most simple and effective strategies for losing weight and maintaining an ideal weight and shape.  To this end I developed my very own programme “The Simple Slimming Solution” which has helped hundreds of ladies finally break free from the endless cycle of dieting and calorie counting.

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